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About Us

Prosper Game Studios was founded in May 2015 by a group of game developers studying at School of Art, Game and Animation - SAGA.

We believe our story, imagination, and our game has the potential to reach consoles and computers of different gamers out there. That's what we're working on! It's hard to talk about ourselves, but we know this is our first step of many, to start and achieve our goal! "Redemption: Turn In History" is a game filled with redemption and hope, that somehow, we all have inside ourselves. Stay with us, and follow this great journey!

Imagination and Creation

We believe that imagining is not only an action, but also a lifestyle,
creating is putting dreams into practice.
This is one of Prosper Game's essences.

Concept Art

One of the main items to start the design of a game!
With that, we put part of the idea on paper, outlining scenarios and characters.

Level Design

In it's creation, a game works
strongly with Level Design in all phases of creation and production so
that everything that was imagined, gets to the game.

3D Modeling

After the Concept Art and Level Design, we model
the objects and characters in the game,
and that's when it starts to undertake a more detailed work with texturing and 2D and 3D animations.

Game Design and Development

A good project can't miss planning organization,
so we work with game design, specifying and detailing the development in our GDD - Game Design Document.

Agile Methodology

We work with time, and that's why we use Scrum and
Agile to arrange the time of Prosper and deliver the creation in the way that was imagined.


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"Redemption: Turn In History"

A post-apocalyptic world, a letter, a pot of ink and paper.
A mission, a child and several lifetimes.


"Redemption: Turn in History", is a game that portrays the situation in which the society is today, returning to the historical events of the past, in order to show how it could have happened differently. Katherine, takes with herself her child inocence, and has to overcome challenges that scarred history on Earth.


The title makes clear the essence of the game, and the feeling of redemption brings three pillars: Salvation, Redemption and Liberation." Redemption: Turn In History is a completely independent game by Prosper Games Studio, initially being developed for the PC Platform, with the intention of reaching Playstation 4 and Xbox One as well.

Tools Used

We're working with the best of what's in the games market today!
We use various tools and methodologies from Concept Art to Programming.

Unreal Engine





The team of Prosper Games Studio
is composed of 6 members they are:

Raquel Figueiredo

Co-founder and Game Designer of Prosper Games Studio, acts on the part of the script and game creation, management and GDD - Game Design Document. Was thrilled with "The Last Of Us" and "Journey".

Nícholas Guaratini

Co-founder of Prosper Games Studio where he works as an Unreal Engine programmer and 3D modeler (Maya). Made his childhood passion a career in game development, beginning with the Prosper Games Studio.

Diogo Borges

Co-founder and Lead 3D Artist, taking active participation in various areas of Prosper Games Studio. He considers "The Last of Us" the best game ever created, and "Breaking Bad" the best series.

Vitor Stellutti

Acts as Concept Artist at Prosper Games Studio. Considers video games the eighth artistic style in the world, loves Dragon Ball Z, in his free time, he makes videos for the internet and draws for his portfolio.

Raphael Ilias

Acts as an Unreal Engine Programmer and 3D modeler (Maya) at Prosper Games Studio. Considers Nintendo games the best, future computer engineer.

Vinicius Yasuda

Acts as 3D modeler and Level Designer at Prosper Games Studio. World of Warcraft player for years, loves Japanese food.


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